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Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Iron Horse Optometric Group a proud provider of vision care products and services in Dublin.


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Christopher Gee, O.D.

Sara Chiu, O.D.



Rajvir is our optical wonderwoman. As a lens designer, Rajvir can take our patients’ most complex visual demands and craft the perfect solutions. She has the expertise to customize lenses for patients’ everyday and special needs. Whether you have insurance benefits to use or not, Rajvir is a pro at laying out and simplifying your options to maximize value without compromising function or style. Her passion for great service is radiantly apparent, as she enjoys the opportunity to help people look, feel, & see their best. Given time to herself, she’s an avid reader of non-fiction and a skilled shopper, especially when shopping for other people.


As an experienced optician, Melanie has a knack for styling any face with the perfect glasses frame. From infants to seniors, teeny boppers to businesswomen, she’ll find the frame that both looks great and fits right. Having worked in eye care since 2013, Melanie keeps up-to-date with the latest in lens technology and can navigate even the most complicated insurance plans. Outside the world of optics, she loves traveling and hunting for new & exciting restaurants. Otherwise she’s home finding ways to reorganize & redecorate.


Karina is our endlessly cheerful optometric technician & optical apprentice. As a recent UC Davis graduate pursuing a career in family healthcare, she is passionate about finding ways to help others. She prides herself in making sure that every patient visit is as pleasant and efficient as possible. In her spare time she enjoys baking, hiking challenging trails, and binge-watching Game of Thrones while cuddling up next to her Tibetan mastiff.


As our receptionist, scheduling coordinator, & optometric assistant, Raven keeps the front of our office running smoothly & efficiently. While an undergraduate pursuing a degree in kinesiology & therapeutic studies, Raven knew early on that her passion was in the health & humanitarian field. Raven has mastered the ability to bring love, compassion, & patience to every individual patient interaction. Outside the office she enjoys browsing through Barnes & Noble for a good realistic fiction read, visiting her great-grandmother for the latest gossip, & devouring unsolved murder mysteries on YouTube.